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Marks of Love by Angie Andrews

There is precious little acceptance in our society
of the change in our bodies,
brought about by sacrifice,
by the giving of life to others.
People want us to look unscathed, unscarred,
without the sagging in our breasts,
the stretchmarks in our stomachs,
the lines of strain and struggle.
We are to look ageless, timeless,
the image of the lithe and slender.
Where is the place for beauty
derived from love
and developed through sacrifice?
Where are the people who will celebrate
the signs of someone who has given themselves
to others
through touch and tears and love
unnumbered times?
Who of you will join me
In the risk of being worn out,
Of being wrinkled,
Of being thrown away?
We are not fools,
Who give what we cannot keep
To gain what we cannot lose.

Let's play?♪
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